What If Allah Exists?

Let's say Allah exists. Since no one can be absolutely sure, this is a possibility, correct? The Muslim God could exist and the Koran could be his word. As an atheist I admit this possibility, so I suspect that Christians who are not absolutely blinded by their faith and upbringing would agree with me here. So with that possibility, let's say you die and you stand before Allah's judgment and he sends you to hell. Christian, what do you say in response? You say "I didn't know." "I thought Christianity was true." Then the Muslim God simply says, "ignorance is no excuse, I gave you many clues." "I even spoke through the atheist John W. Loftus when he suggested this possibility one day on his Blog." ;-) "Now off you go into hell's eternal flames."

Think of the shock of it all! You would be completely and utterly in shock, wouldn't you? And this is exactly what you believe that Muslims and atheists, Jews and Deists will face on the day of judgment with YOUR Christian God? Hogwash. Absolute hogwash. I haven't got the words to express my disgust with this God of yours, and I am dumbfounded why anyone would believe this. I am even more dumbfounded that I believed it for far too long.

Wake up. No intelligent Being would demand that we must believe the right things about him in order to gain entrance into heaven, even if he did exist. This God of yours parallels the barbaric "thought police" in ancient civilizations. This is a democratic age we're living in. We all have various opinions on everything, and these opinions are sincerely held ones. We are tolerant of diverse opinions because educated people realize we will have intelligent differences. But to send people to hell because they disagreed, well, that's barbaric, plain and simple.


John W. Loftus said...

I know, I know. Christians will respond that what sends us to hell are our sins. I find that repugnant too, of course. But even if so, and our sins do send us to hell, then the remedy is to believe the correct things, isn't it? And that's even more repugnant, especially when what we believe is a overwhelmingly a product of when and where we were each born.

Anonymous said...

Look, I don't buy the "Guy in the Sky" theories either, but you've just employed the logical fallacy of, "appealing to consequences," haven't you?

Essentially, that god cannot exist as a superior being because his behaviour (on paper) does not exhibit superior morality.

John W. Loftus said...

anonymous, I am not arguing that God doesn't exist here, so there's no fallacy. I'm trying to open the eyes of Christians to what it could be like for them if Allah existed.

I'm also trying to show the difference between an ancient 'thought police' type of culture (out of which the idea of God was formed) and a democratic one. In a democratic society we can believe whatever we want to. We are only judged and/or condemned for what we do. So likewise, it seems barbaric to democratic loving people to be judged by God (or Allah) based upon what they believe. And it is barbaric! Just imagine if Allah exists and you were condemned for believing in one of the many other religions, or none at all!?

Dollar said...

This post basically exposes the fundamental weakness of Pascal's Wager. Thank God this is not the primary apologetic of Christian faith! There are hundreds of logical and well-founded reasons to believe the Christian worldview makes the most sense of reality and has the highest degree of explanatory power.

To the first commentor, it may be true that people often retain the religious / philosophical perspectives of their parents and people, but they certainly do not HAVE to. Just because most do has little to do with whether a belief system is right or wrong. For example, many atheists or agnostics grew up in "Christian" homes and revolted against it. Anybody can change if they want to. The argument that people must hold religious convictions by way of birth is ridiculous.

This is a thoughtful post, and as a Christian I appreciate it. Truth is, Christianity is superior to Islam is many different ways. It is not just a chance game or a gamble. I still love Pascal no matter what! :)

P.S. Okay, wait until I get my shield up before you throw stuff at me.

Okay, go!

John W. Loftus said...

On another Blog a Christian equated Islam with the belief in a tooth-fairy. I find it odd that a Christian would do that with a God that more than one billion people on the planet believe in, but since he does I have four suggestions for him:

One) Interact with them and see how intense their belief is, how intelligent it is, and how sincere it is. Whatever reasons you have for them not agreeing with you like "stupidity," "ignorance," "hard heartedness," or "divine decree," they think the same things about why you don't believe in Allah.

Two) You think you can provide an "internal critique" of their beliefs, but they think they can provide one of yours, like a trinitarian God with three separate but unified centers of consciousness, the absurdity of a substitutionary atonement, and the absurdities of an incarnate God, etc. Of course, I share their critique of your Christian views.

Three) You probably believe they are Muslims because of when and where they were born, just like I do. How do you know that you don't also believe based upon when and where you were born? How do you really know? What were the circumstances that led you to Christianity? Did you at the time of your conversion have a properly informed faith? If not, and who does, then shouldn't you be suspicious of your own faith since you first gained your Christian presupposition before you could properly evaluate it? Remember, the presupposition you start out with will usually be the one you finish with, for it colors everything you see.

Four) You may feel certain of your faith, but that's just a subjective feeling (no matter what you call it). Many other devout religious believers have that same exact feeling of certainty.

Anonymous said...

If Allah said "love your enemies" (like Jesus did) I think we would have fun worshipping God together (instead of debating). Yay!

valuablecrop said...

What if we say that oxygen doesn't exist, it's a possibility, correct?
Without oxygen we would all DIE! I don't want to die! How utterly barbaric! Actually on your scenario if Allah DID exist and was an all-good God, then it WOULD be just! If what Allah was saying was true then the clues WOULD be sufficient and I SHOULD have known!

Ghost said...

I could hardly believe it when I read it but you say:
"The Muslim God could exist and the Koran could be his word. As an atheist I admit this possibility"
but doesn't that make you an agnostic.
I thought an atheist was someone who was absolutely certain that no God exists (though I find that an unprovable belief, for who can see and know all planes and places of the universe to be so sure). I understand that your purpose in saying this was to help Christians understand how their claim of exclusivity appears to others, but Jesus said "No one comes to the Father except me". Even if we do not like it, we accept it as the word of God. I would love for all people to be in paradise but God has laid down guidelines that exclude those who openly and defiantly reject Him, and I have to accept God's wisdom in this. However I love God and I don't really want to spend eternity with people who hate Him.

You also say that Christians claim that salvation lies in believing the right things about God. I would clarify that it is not what I believe about God, nor even that I believe in God, but rather that I believe God. Its not about doing the right things or believing the right things, its about recognising the claim that God has over our lives and submitting to the God who owns every part of our being.

Anonymous said...

Hi ghost! I find it is really generous of these folks to provide a great place for us to share about Jesus. I think some people here really want this bloodthirsty and condemning god to exist because they keep ignoring Jesus's words. I mean, loving the enemy - it doesn't get any clearer than that does it? Wow - guess it's better to vent hostility and unhealed woundedness on blogs - just like those little demons (ever notice how He wasn't offended by them?) that Jesus mercifully allowed to go into the herd of pigs, I used to run away from Jesus - didn't want to upset the status quo of my territorial nature and get intimate - no way! That was way too risky! Better to band together against a common enemy than to bond with a common savior.

John W. Loftus said...

I thought an atheist was someone who was absolutely certain that no God exists

Well, you are wrong. I am certain about nothing...nothing. The things I believe I do so with more or less probability.

Anonymous said...

It's not that God sends us to Hell, it's just that we have a habit of pursuiting it. Let's face it, some have a well developed taste for pride and are successful at putting it into practice.

Anonymous said...

i am a Muslim i just want to say once you read into Islam and understand it, it will lead you to the path and that thought you have will have an answer that Allah is the God and he is the most gracious and merciful. I know alot of christians who have converted and they say this if the first time they've done something good in there life and are proud of it. And there sins will be gone once you have converted. So thing about it Allah is the right path and true god. This life is a test the punishment and rewards are after AND THERE WONT BE NO GOING BACK AND NO ENDING. so with your 80+ maybe years do the right thing

Tommy said...

If Islam is true anonymous, then how come God did not reveal the Quran to Adam rather than Mohammed? After all, all of those poor benighted souls living without the knowledge of the one true faith for so many millenia?

Allah and the God of the Bible are the same entity, a man made deity that is cruel and vindictive.

Sara Greco said...

You are absolutely right, John. Christians like to say that faith will get a person saved, but that's incorrect, and they know it. It's the RIGHT KIND OF FAITH that will save a person--at least, according to the Christians.
In high school, two of my best friends were Muslims. Both were greatly, genuinely devoted to their faith. I remember, as I

Sara Greco said...

You are absolutely right, John. Christians like to say that faith will get a person saved, but that's incorrect, and they know it. It's the RIGHT KIND OF FAITH that will save a person--at least, according to the Christians.
In high school, two of my best friends were Muslims. Both were greatly, genuinely devoted to their faith. I remember, as I began to doubt all religions, I asked one of these girls how anyone could know which religion was right. She said, "I know mine is right. I just know it my heart." Strangely enough, one of my other friends, a devout Methodist, said the exact same thing about HER faith!

Anonymous said...

tommy, he revealed the quran to the last messenger which is Mohammed(Saw). Adam (saw) was the first Prophet in paradise, he was sent down to earth becuase of his wrong doing. His purpose was not revealing the Quran he was created to praise Allah.

Don't get confused with whats in your heart to wanting a particular religion i.e Christianity to be the real one. Alot of peple do this. Most christians are born christians Im I right? Why don't you try to find out about Islam, and just see what it is all about (it's not going to heart just researching into it). Why would christinas change the testamnet to a new one, if they really believed in it. Changing such a thing just means your changing it to your benefit. Who knows the old testament? With the Quran it has not changed one bit and will never do. Many people know it off my heart. All i can say just look into Islam, you only have a limited time as we all know this world is a test to see where you will be in the hereafter. There will be no turning back just regrets!!!