Haggard Resigns Amidst Allegations of Gay Sex

Haggard Resigns Amidst Allegations of Gay Sex

**UPDATE: Voicemails analyzed by expert and confirmed Haggard**

Holy shit. It looks like there is some serious substance to this story, as Mike Jones, the accuser, has physical evidence -- voice mails from Haggard and $100 bills with his fingerprints on them.

I just watched an interview with the new pastor there -- Ross Parsley, and he said, quote:
There has been some admission, of indiscretion. Not an admission to all of the material that has been discussed. But, there is an admission of some guilt.
Wow. This Haggard is one of the loudest voices for the Colorado amendment banning gay marriage. Does hypocrisy get any more stunning?

You're going to want to keep up with this. HERE is a link to a blogsearch on Google for Haggard. Keep checking it as the story develops.
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Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Phelpses have loaded up the bus yet to go picket Haggard's church.

Hallq said...

At my blog, there's a bit of a discussion going on as to the significance of this. I didn't catch the fact that he was a big voice behind the anti-gay amendment in Colorado.

Twitch said...

as a Christian, I am, sadly, OVERJOYED that this is happening. It is a tragedy for this man's family... his wife and children. BUT, for the right-wing, fundemenatalist wackos, I cant wait to see what happens.

This is exactly what that group needs to see why they are so destructive and damaging.

Again, I am a Christian who enjoys reading this blog. I just want to contribute my perspective as a Christian who does NOT suppose myself to have some kind of monopoly on God's will, like the evangelicals claim. Thanks.

Daniel said...


Thanks for voicing your opinion.

I think the question of the role of the state needs to continually be discussed. Does the state exist to ensure the rights of its citizens, eg equality before the law; or to restrict the rights of its citizens based on one religious groups' moral intuitions?

I don't glory in Haggard's shame. I am glad, though, that hypocrites are exposed, as seeing such a fall helps Xians remember that they, too, are still human beings, just like the rest of us.

I wonder if this will help evangelical Xians relate to the plight of the gay community, to have a heart for these people, but I am too cynical to think it will. Gays are singled out, and Xians vote for those who oppose them. The Xians don't really care if the people they vote for lie, take us into unnecessary war, and are corrupt in other ways...so long as those damned queers get what they got comin'!!

The hypocrisy is to admit that all are sinners, and that all sins are equal in the eyes of God, and then to claim that gays deserve special discrimination. It also shows a lot of fear on their part -- they don't think their God is really in control of things. They have to take measures to keep those queers from messin' up God's plans...

Freudian Slip said...

I am also a Christian, and also enjoy reading your blog. Extremists like this give Christians such a bad name. It is important to remember this was not a "Christian act" but someone having obvious issues with themselves (him being so extreme on banning gay marriage when he himself is that way).

Steven Carr said...

I rhink, following the logic of Matthew 23 and Matthew 23, that if religius leaders do not practice what they preach, then that religion is not a religion that is worth following.

Anonymous said...

Having been involved in sexual immorality, I can testify that a life that is defined mainly by sexual pursuit/gratification, whether it be hetero or homosexual in nature, is a narrow and cruel lifestyle. Trying to conform to the everchanging standards for acceptance only to gain abusive intimacy was truly destructive for me. Those who are successful in their pursuits continue to defend them, but I will never let this current event distract my vision from what true love really is. And yet, Jesus warned the religious hypocrites of His day that it would be more merciful on the day of judgement for the occupants of Sodom and Gomorrah than for the Pharisees. AND THEN.....it is very humbling to recall that Jesus loved even the hypocrites of His day. I'm not sure if I love them enough to confront them and let them nail me to a cross or if I'm still tempted to be one - how about you???? Where are those stones of mine???