Why Do Some People Hate Frank Walton?

Frank Walton complains about being harrassed by atheists in the comments section here, when he said:

Since having gone public with my website and blogsite I had threats hurled at me, racist comments made against me because of the color of my skin, my wife's name and our home address and phone number publicly published on a website and blogsite (I have this all documented by the way). I received one threat (via e-mail) so disturbing (he talked of raping my wife and lynching me) I had to call the police to see if we can find the guy.

Not only that but agnostic Ed Babinski has hounded me for not giving out personal information about myself (where I'm from, what school I go to, my major, etc.). I told him that I didn't want to give out said information because I crave a certain amount of anonymity. It's for my protection from any fundamentalist atheist who may lash out at me or harass me. Guess what? Babinski didn't care. Instead of respecting my privacy, he continued to send me e-mails over and over and over again requesting personal info about myself. He went so far as to go to a Christian forum and accused me of "avoidance apologetics" and to provoke some personal information about myself!
[To read Ed's response see Ed's side of the story].

Poor Frank Walton. There's just something about him that causes atheists to hate him. He maligns and disrespects and berates us at every opportunity. Then when he reports how mad atheists get over his tactics the story gets even further twisted to make it sound much worse than it really is. He may have a persecution complex for all I know. He wants to be hated for Jesus' sake, so he hates. He hates those who attack his God, and any tactic including lies and exaggerations and half truths in defending his God from our arguments is his mission. He brings most all of it on himself, and I do not believe him when he claims he's been persecuted like he says he has, either. I believe he's a fabricator of the truth and a liar.

The truth is that atheists and Christians alike can bring people to hate them for being offensive and for personal attacks. People cannot take personal attacks for long before they get mad. And in this sense Walton brings it on himself. It's just hard to ignore someone who is this obnoxious and this stupid.

So here's Walton's strategy everyone: Provoke atheists by calling them names, by sidetracking conversations, by quoting them out of context, by belittling and berating them, and when they finally respond he plays the sympathy card. Even a puppy dog can be provoked to bite back, Walton.

I know I should ignore him, but it's just tough to do, since he constantly dogs my steps. His tactics deserve to be exposed for what they really are...sick. No one on his website is as stupid or as vile as he makes them out to be. Furthermore, anyone who will reasonably discuss what we write here at Debunking Christianity receives a polite discussion in return, as everyone who regularly reads my Blog knows full well. It's just that when it comes to us here at DC Walton and some others of his ilk personally attack us. I expected it. But I don't like it. There is a fortress mentality among some Christians that when they see us attempt to debunk their faith it's seen as a serious personal affront to themselves and to their God. We don't see ourselves intending anything personal here. We just disagree, that's all.

Walton's whole tactic is to poison the well.

Once Walton was so bad that he was forced to remove objectional material from his website.


Hallq said...

All rational people can tell his tactics are sick without you saying so. Learn to see him as an annoyance you can do nothing about... think of him as a gay-sex popup window you haven't quite figured out how to get rid of.

Hellbound Alleee said...

That's a good tactic: to make groups out of people. I don't see "The Atheists" he's trying to make me believe in. Make a group out of people where there is none, to make an easier enemy, and create a group where there really is none, to hide in and feel powerful. Instead of making up imaginary entities, maybe it would make more sense to argue against the ideas and confront human beings.

You know, it's a lot easier to say "I hate the Atheists" than "I hate Alison Randall, and this is what she did that was wrong." I think doing it that way makes you brave and respectable.

Daniel said...

I agree with Chris here -- just completely ignore the guy. I'm glad you didn't link his blog, or else you'd up his hit count to at least 10 for the month. I think he's a simple attention whore, and the only way he can get his stuff read and responded to is by being the ugliest and stinkiest troll, with the flamiest flames.

He provides links to his site everywhere he comments in a desperate effort for someone to read his blog. Poor bastard.

Edward T. Babinski said...

I posted my side of the Frank Walton-Ed Babinski story here.

Chris Benard said...

Wow. I've been going back and forth with him in his comments. He has been pissing me off by badmouthing the RRS, but I guess I'm done with him. I didn't know this was his continual strategy.


Rich R. said...

I think you will get a kick out of this:


Anonymous said...

the OP stated:
"People cannot take personal attacks for long before they get mad."

You mean like Brian Sapient referring to Christians (including his own mother) as 'Christarded'?

Let's face it, there's plenty of personal attacks on BOTH sides of the issue. If you choose not to believe (any longer?) in Jesus Christ as the eternal Son of God, that's fine. But I'm not going to stop spreading the Gospel. Ever.

Frank Walton Sucks! said...

The only post about Frank Walton you will ever need to read.

Frank Walton atheism sucks atheismsucks.blogspot.com

Michael Stradley said...

It isn't just atheists that Frank attacks with his childish and insulting tactics--anyone, whether Christian or not is a target of his dishonest smear campaigns if you criticize him. I recently began to criticize his views on Intelligent Design by arguing against it as science, and asserted that his insistence on posting anti-evolution propaganda on his blog site only reinforces the false belief that Christians are anti-science. Frank responded to my criticism by deleting my posts, and disallowing any further responses. Then he began sending me e-mails laced with lies and personal insults hardly befitting someone who claims to be a Christian.

He's currently running a smear campaign against me on his blog site, all because I called into question the legitimacy of ID as science. I really believe this guy needs professional psychiatric help.